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2020 has been a very special year. COVID-19 has notably come to remind Canada and several other countries how fragile and uncertain the future can be. Another aspect that this pandemic has highlighted is the importance for businesses, and even individuals, of having a strong, secure and optimized presence on the Internet.

Fortunately, despite the pandemic and the new stresses of life, there are still ways to shine. Today we’ll be presenting Printful, a platform which could help you start a DropShipping business to easily promote and sell your brand in Canada and beyond.

Printful is an extremely sophisticated and modern print-on-demand company. Printful offers several services that can help you, among other things,

  • illustrate your talent on different products in their catalog
  • mark your presence on the Internet
  • reach your potential clients across Canada and even around the world in an efficient and secure manner
  • generate additional income without initial investment.

What is DropShipping?

Direct Delivery or DropShipping is a business model that takes advantage of the opportunities offered by technology. Here you can offer and sell your products to users from all over the world, without having to build or manage a product inventory. In this business model, there is no need to buy or manufacture products yourself, store them and then manage them throughout the year. By starting your DropShipping business with Printful, Printful will be responsible for producing your designs, packaging them and shipping them to your customers.

"DropShipping is Dead!" Really?

It is true that the principle of Dropshipping has been there for several years already. On the other hand, it is wrong to think that in 2020, DropShipping is dead and no longer brings in money. When this business model is applied correctly, when you do business with quality Partners like Printful you will be able to be successful.

How to start a DropShipping based business with Printful?

If the DropShipping based process is easy, then starting a DropShipping based business with Prinful in Canada will be even easier:

1. Create a Free Account at Printful

Creating an account with Printful does not cost anything. No recurring fees, no subscription, nothing like that! The only fees you will have to pay will be the fees for processing your orders, when you or your customers place them.

To create the account at Printful, you must

And that’s all! You are ready for the next step.

2. Create an online store

You need a showcase to display your products and place them in front of your customers’ eyes. Indeed, it is in your store that you will exhibit the creations made thanks to Printful. This store, you can create it on the platform of your choice. As a matterof the fact, the good news is that Printful is compatible with many systems. Whether your website was designed with Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Weebly or others, Printful can easily integrate it.

3. Design, promote and sell the products

Now that your Printful account and your store are linked, it’s time to create or enrich your product catalog. Printful’s advanced interfaces will allow you to easily integrate texts, images or other graphic elements on a multitude of elements such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, caps, etc.

All you have to do is

Automatically, Printful will synchronize your account with your store and display your creations in your storefront. All you have to do is promote your store to attract the attention of potential customers.

4. Let Printful handle the rest

When your customers place an order from your store, Printful will automatically receive all the relevant information such as the product ordered, the quantities, colors and characteristics selected by the customer.

To start the production process, you will need to pay the production fee to Printful. And then you don’t have to do anything: Printful will produce the items, package them and ship them directly, on your behalf, and securely to your customers.

How Relevant is DropShipping and Print-On-Demand in Canada in 2020?

2020 has been difficult on several fronts. With the pandemic not yet fully contained, we have seen a lot of companies being forced to shut down and cut off contact with their customers.

Thanks to DropShipping and partners like Printful, it will be possible to reach your customers, offer many products and generate money. Here are some key benefits:

Minimum initial investment

When you do DropShipping, the main costs that you will have to manage will be related to your website, if you have one (hosting, domain name, SSL certificates), as well as web marketing costs (if you are using paid advertising). But you will not have to pay rent for your store or warehouse, nor salary to pay for example.

No inventory management

it is not necessary to build up a reserve of products, and thus run the risk of remaining with unsold items or even having to manage the sometimes complex process of inventory management. With Printful, you just create your products virtual mania in your store. When the orders are placed, Printful will take care of creating the actual products, managing the supplies with the various suppliers, and getting it all to your customers.

Rich and varied catalog

Printful offers a complete range of products that may suit babies, children, adults, men or women of any age and whatever their budget. In addition, Printful regularly improves and increases its offer.

Respect for health measures

While waiting to find a definitive solution to COVID-19, one of the simplest and most effective gestures remains social distancing. With Printful’s DropShipping, you will be able to continue offering your products to customers in Canada and around the world, without breaking public health rules. In addition, whether your area is confined or not, your store will be able to continue to offer your creations to the world.

Start your own DropShipping or Print-On-Demand based online business today

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